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Daily, chronic pain can be easier to ignore and overlook than to seek professional treatment for. However, if left unattended, even minor throbbing can lead to long-term issues. It’s important to diagnose the cause of the pain quickly and begin treatment to relieve pain and maintain healthy, functioning joints.

Why schedule an orthopedic appointment?

  • Increased quality of life: Treating chronic pain can lead to improved mobility, sleep, mental health and work performance, and it can make it much easier to prevent future injuries.
  • Waiting will make it worse: Putting off treatment can make it much harder to remedy, the recovery period will be extended, therapy will be more laborious and it could take longer to regain full mobility.
  • Improves the quality of surgery and recovery: Procedures that once required an overnight stay are now same-day, and the risk of infections and blood clots from long periods of immobility is significantly less severe.

From broken bones to chronic pain, sprains, joint replacement, spine care and much more, our orthopedic specialists can help.

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